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  • LSS燃生物质蒸汽免检锅炉/LSS Biomass Steam Exempt Inspection Boiler
名称:LSS燃生物质蒸汽免检锅炉/LSS Biomass Steam Exempt Inspection Boiler









Biomass steam generator (biomass water heater)

Our company should meet the needs of the boiler market and the current domestic policies for the strict control of energy conservation and environmental protection. In particular, we have introduced a biomass-fired biomass steam generator for a large number of small-scale enterprises. This product not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also solves the most troublesome problems for users. In order to solve the troubles of using boiler certificates, according to the regulations in the "Regulations for the Supervision of Special Equipment Safety," the water volume greater than or equal to 30L and less than or equal to 30L must be licensed for manufacturing.


1. The design and manufacture of Class B boilers are guaranteed and the use of atmospheric boilers is enjoyed.

2. The integrated module configuration makes the boiler reach a small footprint and is easy to use. It is the best choice for the small-scale automobile industry.

3, the use of automatic microcomputer control, integrated automatic pressure control, water protection, automatic alarm and other intelligent control, one-touch fool control, so that operators feel more at ease, peace of mind.

4. Biomass pellets are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly fuels, and operating costs are much lower than fuel, gas, and electric heating boilers.

5, the appearance of innovative, beautiful, compact overall layout, small footprint, easy installation.